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Weihai is a "garden city" in China, located in the northeast coast of China, it has beautiful islands, unique natural scenery and a long and important history. Weihai is in the heartland of China, Korea, and even Japan, it's a popular place for students and researchers around the world.

Weihai can be arrived either by car or by train, or by direct flight from several airports.

By Air:
Weihai International Airport has flights to Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Harbin, Heihe, Seoul, Busan and many other cities.
When you arrive at Weihai International Airport, you can take a taxi to get Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), the distance is 48 kilometers, the fare is about 100 yuan.
By Train:
From Weihai Station:
Taxi: 15 kilometers, the fare is about 40 yuan
From Weihai North Station:
Taxi: 6 kilometers, the fare is about 15 yuan
By Taxi:
Taking taxis in Weihai is an effective way to get around the city, usually it is the easy to find in the hotel taxi waiting area. You can take the taxi at hotel or the Taxi pick-up point in the city.
By Ship:
Ships from Weihai to Inchon and Pyeongtaek are as many as nine times a week, and ships to Dalian are as many as three times a day.